Peptides vs. Steroids

Peptides are not steroids. We hate to be the one that bursts this bubble, but it’s true! The peptideis misunderstood for steroids because of advertisement claims that sell the product.  This affects the Peptide marketplace in two ways.  The first one is, this misunderstanding raises the perception of clients to something impossible.  Ads that portray the user gaining weight in short time ends up in dismay, as users don’t get the same results, they end up quitting. The second thing is, when people see so much muscle in quick time, they just take Peptides for steroids. This iswhy most people stay away from it in the first place.

Introduction to Peptides

When it’s about Peptides for bodybuilding, it’s never about you consume one or more supplements in the form of pills. Most products of Peptide are just a different cover for protein supplements.   These are usually offered in bars and shakes. These supplements are complex protein made up of different protein subfractions.  These subfractionsare made of alpha lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, bovine serum alumin and other peptides. Don’t skip these heavy terms as they are the one helping you lift those weights.

Modern Peptides

peptides-vs-steroidsIt is impossible to separate the subfractions on anindustrial scale. As the modern technology improves, it may be possible to filter some bioactive content. This improves the results dramatically.  The modern day technology is playing its part for the miracles. The whey protein concentrates are made of 70 percent protein with thecontrolled amount of lactose and fat. This is frequently less as compared to the first generation.

The modern whey protein isolates are made up of 96% protein. As a result, there is a rarity of fat and lactose content. This makes the product ideal for any fitness goals.  The whey protein isolates leave positive effects when it comes to bodybuilding.

Peptide Body Building

The main reason sportsman around the world favors peptides is they help you to gain weight quickly. Although it’s not as fast as steroids, peptide does their part.  Most gains are pure muscles, and there is very little body fat.

Another benefit of peptides is they not only help you to gain muscle weight, but these also can help to recover muscle injuries thanks their muscle fiber healing ability. The professional players prefer Peptides to steroids for such reasons. Also, the peptides don’t have any side effects.

Other Benefits

ThePeptides taken as whey protein will not only help you to repair muscle damage or gain muscle weight; it will also offer some other health benefits. The whey protein isolates improve your metabolism and immune system, which helps you to improve your digestion and help you with the aging problems.

Adding up, studies found that whey protein could help fight cancer cells, HGI and improve overall immunity, thus keeping you safe. It also controls stress and cortisol while increasing brain serotonin levels. Peptides also improve function in people suffering from Hepatitis, reducing blood pressure and improving theoverall performance of thebody.


How GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 Peptides Works for Bodybuilding

Body Building supplements can make a difference if you know how to pick the right one. Buying the perfect steroids or Peptides for your body is not only about budget or brand. Instead,it’sabout knowing your body and what will suit it. For your better understanding, we are giving the following guide.

works-for-bodybuildingThe Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides better known as GHRP-2 peptides are particularly similar to GHRP-6. These are defined as hexapeptides, which falls right under hormone secretagogue. This is different from GHRP-6. It is because the GHRP-6 acts as anagonist against appetite improving Ghrelin. In short, it means the GHRP-2 doesn’t make you as hungry as GHRP-6. The effectiveness of these supplements falls in GHRP-6 and Ipamorelin if you want the best combination with GHRH.

How it Works?

It’s crucial to learn about the basics of hormone Ghrelin. It is produced naturally by the stomach, and excessively before meals or during fasts. This hormone is regulated by the body and according to the nutritional intake of the person.

When the GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 Peptides are taken, the user faces a rapid spike in his appetite. However, hunger experienced with taking GHRP-2 is far less as compared to GHRP-6. By using GHRP-2, the user realizes the best place for the growth hormone to be released is the pituitary gland. It is because the hormone has to be perfectly placedto work as an agonist to ghrelin. If done properly, it works and improves secretion as well as thefunctioning of GH in two simple steps. To start with, it will act as an amplifier of transduction trail.

Apart from that, the hormone controls production go somatostatin. It is a hormone, which attributes to limited secretion of growth hormone. When these characteristics of Peptides are studied, it shows the potency to improve endogenous hormone growth in your body.

Proper Administration

Just like many other Peptides, GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 come in lyophilized powder. However, when it comes to administration, sodium chloride is used for reconstitution. As the GHRP-2 is the reconstituted, it should be refrigerated until use.

So far, there are no clear-cut guidelines for the ideal dosage of these hormones. This is why most bodybuilders prefer it in high doses for the best possible results. The only detail that is left unclear so far is whether the high concentration of Peptides will have long term side effects on thebody or not. For your own good, as it is advised with other types of GHRPs, you need to use the GHRP-2 with GHRH to improve the pulse wave and betterment of your pituitary gland.

The Bottom Line

The use of Peptides needs to be tied with increased appetite. Another detail to note here is the usage of such supplements in higher concentrations increases cortisol levels. If you want lean body muscles and effective anti-aging hormone, then GHRP-2 is your answer. It’s far better than GHRP-5. In simple words, it’s the best solution for any athlete or bodybuilder who wants to improve their overall results.

Understanding Peptides

The Growth Hormones that releases Bodybuilding Peptidesare bought legally in the USA. These are dubbed as Research Chemicals. The bodybuilding peptides are amino acids. These are different from steroids are they are not cholesterol based. The peptide used in bodybuilding are more of isolated pieces of human growth hormone molecule. It exerts the targeting effect.

Growth Hormones that release bodybuilding peptides have a more or less developing aspect of modern professional bodybuilding with ongoing experiments.  These were introduced to bodybuilding in late 1990’s.

The Two Famous Bodybuilding Peptides

GHRP-6: GHRP-6 has excessive amounts of growth hormones. It increases growth hormone as much as HGH. But, it releases the hormone in spikes or pulses. This ends up to less growth output as compared to long lasting HGH levels, which were jacked up to 12 hours.

CJC-1295:  This is yet another growth hormone, which releases Peptides.  It works with synergistic effects when HGH during its combination with GHRP-6.

The Combined Injection

When CJC-1265 and GHRP-6 are injected combined, IGF levels rises in blood as much as has HGH. This is not bad. Whenever, if you want to add some details when releasing Peptides, you are just forcing your pituitary into harmful labor. The fact is, Peptide is forced to pump out the dose of HGH.

Basic Guide to GHRP Peptides

GH is the newest supplements used by bodybuilders.  To gain results with Peptide, you need both of the following:

GHRP: It consists of Ipamorelin, GHRP-2, Hezarelin and, GHRP-6.

GHRH: It consists of only Mod GRF 1-29.

The GHRP releases a pulse of GH from thebody where GHRH amplifies the pulse. Combining both of these will have a double effect instead of negative one. The fact is, it may be foolish to use anyone of these alone.


The Growth Hormone releasing hormone pulse can last only for 30 minutes before the body uses its potential for a single growth hormone pulse. You won’t have another pulse for 2-3 hours. The Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides are desensitized thanks to consistent use throughout the day. Ipamorelineand GHRP doesn’t desensitize as long as there will be short breaks between your doses. The GHRP-2 will not desensitize low dose without any short breaks. This becomes unclear at high rates but there are possibilities of desensitization. The Hexarelineis a subject to desitization without any concern to dose or short breaks between the doses. The effect will show up after 14 days of consistent use and is avoided by keeping the concentration low.

The Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides can create a  larger scale pulse of growth hormone on their own instead of growth hormone releasing hormone. This achieves the fact with better consistency and predictability. It doesn’t care about whether the natural wave is taking place for growth hormone.  In most studies, the saturation is believed to be to 100 mcg or mcg a kg per growth hormone pulse. This dose is enough to saturate the receptors. If you add another 100, only 50 mg will be effective.

The Importance of a Healthy Working Routine with Peptides

Do you want to take Steroids or Peptides? You need to think it through because Bodybuilding is the sports, which stepped into both history and tradition. It dates back thousands of years. Bodybuilders were noted to be circus freaks and the sport gained a negative rep. This all changed back in 1970’s with the bodybuilding mockumentary; all the credits goes to an Austrian Bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The Film, Pumping Iron is still a cult classic, and it made bodybuilding universally accepted. This very film established Arnold Schwarzenegger as the megastar we know him.

Bodybuilding is accepted today, and it’s more popular than ever, speaking of which, are you working hard and not seeing the results you wanted? If yes, then you need to look at the following:

Miss Your Diet

healthy-working-routine-with-peptidesYou can spend hours in gyms and go home with the belief that a daily dose of Peptides or protein shake will be enough is a just mad circle which keeps pulling you down. Both of these are not enough to stimulate new muscle growth.

You can lift all the weight and take peptides, but if you are careless about your diet, you won’t see any results. So, be careful about your routine.

Neglecting Your Supplements

If you follow the smart training routine with a healthy eating plan, you can improve your routine further with the addition of supplements such as Peptides. Use them in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and a solid training routine. Supplements including protein power and amino acids, these will take your regime to the next level.

Peptide supplements are small chain amino acids, which are not considered as full protein units, which means peptides are only building blocks for making protein. Protein is important for the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Ignoring the Least Favorite Group of Muscles

  • Bodybuilding is the art in which you take your build and sculpt it into a masterpiece. It means you will need to train every single of major muscle groups even the ones you don’t want to, such as legs.
  • Leg training days are hated because these are the most brutal. If you ski them, then your bodybuilding regime will be unbalanced. It doesn’t add up to have a bulked up upper body with skinny legs.
  • The same stands true for other parts of thebody, including shoulders. Thanks to some exercises hurting these, people neglect to shoulder training instead of finding something easy.
  • This all boils down to; there are parts of your body you love to exercise and parts that you don’t. But you can skip anything on behalf of your likes and dislikes. You will need to train hard to get the body of your dreams. Just because you have added supplements like steroids or Peptides in your regime. It doesn’t mean you can skip some muscle groups and still look astonishing.
  • To make sure you get the best results from Peptides, you need to get enough protein and nutrients while working on a hard routine.